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violence this year. >> reporter: and more of the community out reach, live in palo alto ktvu channel 2 news >>> wul yum is going to prison, today one after another men stood up and calling him a monster and says he destroyed their life. he was sentenced to eight years in prison. he pleaded no contest to eight counts of allude acts including five boys back in 1990. an early trial ended in a hung jury four years ago. >> i think that this was retraumaizing on every level because of the duration of this proceedings. >> he was also order to pay a $10, 000 fine and registered as a sex offender. >>> it is back to school week for students in oakland, a few are dealing more than just a first day. jay hahn hernandez is showing us of the shooting at one elementary school. >> but, yesterday two blocks away, of 1044th street, along with the mother and two girls were grazed by bullets. a neighbor tells us that the woman is pregnant. the shooter opened fire around 2:30 in the afternoon. they got caught in the cross fire. no one was seriously hurt. it is these type of situation, you have to deal with becau
on the rim fire as it grows to 50,000 acres. a live report right now on ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> ktvu channel 2 news starts right now with breaking news. . >> i am john sasaki. breaking news out of southern california. a tour bus over turned on a freeway. the bus over turned at 10:00 a.m. on the 210. there are at least 50 people injured. five of them were seriously hurt. the rest have minor injuries. the bus was heading to a casino in highland. >>> happening now a bomb threat at the santa clara county superior court administration building. the building is still evacuated. officials say no courtrooms have effected. >>> an investigation into the death of one of san francisco's former top police officials. ktvu channel 2 news confirmed he killed himself last night. there is no word on how he committed suicide. he was with the department for 32 years. . >>> right now sex offenders are the target of a sweep. ktvu's janine de la vega joins us live from san jose where police are trying to take hundreds of sex offenders into custody to make the streets safer. >> reporter: this is a concern f
francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >> construction vehicles are gathered on both sides of the eastern span of the bay bridge, poised to begin their work as soon as the bridge closes. ktvu's tom vacar joins us live on the oakland side and the race against time that starts in the far east bay. >> reporter: that is true. this is a tiny part of a huge construction strike force that is getting ready to stand by to go to work immediately once the bridge is finally closed. >> reporter: already lined up dozens of trucks, vans, machines and other equipment. he says all of this was prepositioned days ago waiting for the crews and their 8:00 p.m. start to begin installing the new bridge and demolishing the old. >> we want to get as much done before the closure as we can. if we have as many of the vehicles here then we can start construction earlier. the faster we can get through construction that makes that possibility of an earlier opening more real. >> reporter: all that said, 6,000 truck loads of material will be moving in and out of this site, including hundreds of trucks full
violence on the streets. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. >> more details on redevelopment cuts in oakland. 80 jobs were lost because of the budget cuts. the lack of funds also impacted park maintenance in oakland, libraries and sennier centers -- senior centers and the zoo. >>> happening now, camp sites outside of yosemite national park shutting down as the wildfire continues to gain ground. thousands of miles of dry brush and steep terrain are fueling the fire. governor jerry brown declared state of emergency to free up money and resources to respond. the fire has grown to 53,000 acres. containment rolled backward over night from 5% down to 2%. 1300 firefighters are trying to surround the flames. 2500 structures are in jeopardy. ktvu's robert handa met up with the people who are rushing to evacuate the area. robert? >> reporter: this is a fire that is changing hour by hour. we are along highway 120 near yosemite national park. as you watch the flames, it seems to be getting bigger. that makes life more stressful for those waiting to evacuate. >> reporter: when a fire gets as b
could prepare for the new eastern span. >> we have ktvu team coverage. ktvu's ken pritchett spoke to people today but we begin with ktvu's david stevenson that shows us how officers plan to stop traffic. david? >> reporter: julie, this is a typical rush hour traffic tie up here. but it could be getting worse. we learned that as we road along with the california highway patrol on how they will begin shutting down the bridge in an hour. >> reporter: he has been through three previous closures of the bay bridge but tonight has him excited. he took us on a driving tour of the new eastern span. for now he is getting ready to shut down the old span. working from san francisco to empty the bridge ahead of the 8:00 p.m. closure. the plan is to run traffic breaks. weaving cruisers out of traffic leading to the bridge. >> bring traffic to a slow. shut down the onramps and divert everybody off at the 7th street. >> reporter: the chp is trying to keep drivers on or near other freeways. >> it will be heavier than usual. but it won't be grid lock that everybody is anticipating. >> the chp is a
until tuesday morning. we have live team coverage starting with ktvu's sal castanedo on the oakland side of the bridge where crews are working around the clock. sal? >> reporter: that's right, claudine. we are just getting ready, one of our views is to go out. as you can see, all of the people getting ready to go out and survey the damage. tom vacar will do that and have it for you tonight. right now the work that's being done, crews are tearing down a section of the old bridge to make room for the approach to the new span. heavy machinery continues to pound away. all of this work started almost immediately after the closure and has not stopped since. crews are working around the clock to get this done. at the toll plaza, crews are grinding off old pavement between the tollbooths and the metering lights. >> once you get past the toeb and the metering lights, they will go down as deep as 6 inches to install a new drainage system and they will pave over that with new asphalt. drivers won't ono tis a drinks -- won't notice a difference. it will feel the same. >> reporter: yerba buena island
>>> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> now at noon tourists ant residents fleeing the wildfire that continues to rage out of control right now burning in yosemite as strike teams rush toward it. now there are growing concerns over the impact it could have on power and water in san francisco. >>> good afternoon, i am mike mibach in for tori campbell, we have updated numbers just into our news room. the fire has grown to three times the size of the city of san francisco and is now at more than 105,000 acres two homes destroyed along with 7 buildings, 4500 homes threatened and and the forest service puts the cost of fighting it at 5.4 million dollars and climbing. >> are you driving? >> i don't care. >> san francisco fire department strike team headed out to the front lines this morning, 22 firefighters and five engines will join more than 2000 other firefighters working in steep terrain. fire officials say they are concerned about the safety of the crews because the fire direction has been so unpredictable. ktvu's claudine wong
are needed to control the rim fire and protect yosemite national park. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. >>> as the rim fire gets closer to the hetch hetchy reservoir, san francisco water authorities are filling area reserves before the supply is tainted with ash. ash has been falling. so far it has not sunk that far into the lick to reach the intake -- lake to rich the intake pump -- to reach the intake pumps. the hetch hetchy reservoir provides 85% of san francisco's drinking water. our team coverage continues. we have mark tamayo. you are monitoring the conditions that the firefighters are facing. >> temperatures have been warming up, over the past few hours, and right now we're talking about 81 around the perimeter of the fire. winds around 10 miles an hour. but some stronger gusts up around 4,000, 5,000 feet. winds will be a factor today. they were yesterday. the moisture level is coming down as you would expect this time of day, 28% to 32%. the satellite perspective once again, there's the smoke plume burning are the rim fire. that's the one constant extreme. tempera
robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. >> webcam is capturing images. this is where a large plume of smoke is very visible. yosemite national park officials tell us they shut down a campground close to say the fire. it is at the highway 120 entrance. it was evacurated and all reservations -- evacuations and all reservations have been concerned. >> our chief meteorologist bill martin has been tracking the conditions. what are firefighters facing tonight? >> terrain is driving the fire. lot of vertical stuff. there is the smoke plume. we are talking about the cumulus clouds, that is what you call them when you get a fire creating clouds. if you get moisture you will have clouds that create thunder and lightning with lot of smoke. the fire scene from space, it is 83 square miles. it is huge. here is how it looks. we look at the terrain. the winds are there. the temperatures are there. look at the terrain. it is very vertical. these are very steep canyon walls. the area off to get to. tough to fight a fire in. conditions are similar to yesterday. the fire, again, it is growing. you noticed tha
vacation with some friends. ktvu news speaks to his family. >>> the massive wildfire has burned more than 170,000 acres. >>> we're one day away from the closure of the bay bridge. how public transit agencies plan to help commuters during the five-day closure. >>> family and friends are remembering a teenager killed just a day beginning his senior year of high school. alex savidge just spoke to the teen's family and joins us from the site where he was killed. >> reporter: good afternoon. 17-year-old robert orlando spent the last day of his summer fishing with friends at a nearby lake. he was blocks away from home last night at 9:00 at night. you can see this afternoon, people have placed flowers. there is a sign as well as the site where this accident happened. there's also a golf club sitting here on the ground. that's because orlando was on his high school golf team according to relatives i talked with today. he was all set to start his senior year today here in danville. classes started this morning. relatives said this young man was smart, outgoing and generous. >> he was a charismatic
to the rim fire. ktvu channel 2 news. >>> ktvu's viewers are sharing their best wishes and you can join our conversation by liking us on ktvu channel 2 on facebook. >>> meantime the wildfire of southern moneterey county has burned 4500 acres and a little bit of more than 20 hours. the fire started at noon yesterday, it is burning in rough terrain near milpitas road. the good news is this fire is 55% contained and it it is not dangerous of the people at the bay. >>> fire crews were called to the head quarters on south bay just after 3:00 and 34 people had -- and no one was take ton the hospital. crews say whatever the the air was, probably peppered spray and it dissipated quickly. >>> the deadly shooting of a woman last weekend. the district's office today charged this man rasheed strane with the murder of rebecca. that shooting happened during a weekend of gun violence that left three people dead and nine others injured in oakland. >>> oakland are's police are looking for a 2-year-old, daphne. also, today the fbi announced it is adding $10, 000 to the reward and bringing it to $20, 000. >>
, and downed power lines. live at the fire command center, ken wayne, ktvu, channel 2 news. >>> in that red flag warning that we had had in the bay area, it was up in the lake tahoe area, it has been dropped. lightning strikes, or thunderstorms developing right here along the west slope. what's interesting is they wrap around. here's the last six hours. red is the red flag warning. the lightning strikes coming up over the top, going out here. look, they work their way offshore. this area of cloudiness, and convectivety, if that would have been farther south, it would have been an issue, so this is looping around. red flag areas remain in the north. we're going to talk about the hot spots and the five-day forecast. >>> because of the danger posed by the rim fire, officials evacuated at least three summer camps just outside yosemite. noel walker is live in berkely to tell us about a high school retreat that went up in smoke. >> reporter: maydak high school is a long way away, but its student and staff were beginning a retreat. students leave with a collection of happy snaps for photo albums.
ktvu tara moriarty who has the latest on that crash. tara, you just arrived. what is going on now? >> reporter: authorities are not sure exactly why the man veered off the road. they think he may have fallen asleep at the wheel. he's at marin general hospital right now. if you take a look behind me you can see where the van veered off the road. it actually slammed into a utility pole. you can pan over to the right, there is a big wire that stretches right here. the utility pole was knocked clear off and now it's laying on the ground there. so none of the wires were snagged or anything like that. and then the tree is at that location over there. that is where the van slammed into it. the fire department had to use the jaws of life in order to pry him out of there. as far as we know he's a 30-35- year-old man from san pablo bay. he had a washington's driver's license. pg&e is out here right now. this is is 101 southbound. so traffic does not seemed to be impacted at this point. everything is off to the shoulder. that is as far as we know. we will keep you updated. live from san rafa
on how to get around with the impending closure, just go to under hot topics, you'll find information on road closures, and options such as ferry, and b.a.r.t. schedules. it's all there. >>> the bridge closure was specifically scheduled for labor day weekend, because fewer people will be on the roads for work. but it is a big travel weekend. the last hurrah of summer. 3.9million californians will travel 50 miles or more this weekend. 3.1million travelers will drive and a half million will take to the air. >>> continuing coverage of the devastating rim fire burning around yosemite. we're now 9 days in the fire fight. containment is up sense r since -- since this weekend. officials say the fire is now 15% contained. it's been expensive. $44million has been spent to far to fight this rim fire. live from sonora. he spoke with people today who had to flee the fire. >> reporter: we are at the sierra bible church in sonora. the governor was here in the fire area earlier today, and got his own update. people living in the area are certainly looking for an update, as they watch the
weekend. eric rasmussen, ktvu, channel 2 news. >>> across the bay in san francisco, traffic was heavy for the last evening commute before the closure. >> thousands of drivers waited in traffic to get on the span, adjustment as they do each day. tonight, they crossed that old eastern span for the very last time. this video was shot by randy diecen. from this shot, you can see off to the left, the new eastern span, as crews continue to work ahead of next week's opening. >> here is a peek of what the drive should look like on the new eastern span. caltrans created this animation, it gives the perspective, heading east toward oakland. >> our team coverage continues now with noel walker, live in san francisco, where she witnessed some of the last vehicles making it to the bridge, while others were turned away. >> as promised, these barricades went right up at 8:00 sharp. we have officers directing people around these barricades. most drivers fought traffic in order to get on this onramp before it closed. but a few didn't. >> where are you going? >> reporter: at 8:00 sharp, the barricades w
, mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. >> this is the first evening commute since the bridge closed and thousands are going around it tonight to get home. >> the chp told us that the average commute today actually only increased by 10 minutes. sal castaneda is following conditions. sal, do you agree with that figure? >> reporter: no, not really, unfortunately. first of all, drivers are going a longer distance, because they're going around. send of all, the commutes on those bridges, the san mateo bridge, for example, has been heavier. more people are on the bridge. and it's made it a lot more -- well, just a lot slower. newschopper 2 is showing us a picture of eastbound 92. these are live pictures of people just trying to get onto the san mateo bridge. and 101 traffic is also going to be heavy and slow as you drive down 101. as a matter of fact, i can show you a little bit of it. southbound 101, you can see traffic is really busy here in san mateo. slow traffic as you drive through. i want to focus on this area here. you can see that 101, a lot of the road centers are red. getting o
savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> more coverage this morning of the rim fire burning in and around yosemite national park. it is now the 13th biggest wildfire in california history. late yesterday afternoon, crews gained some ground against the flames but they are not out of the danger, out of the woods yet. we're getting a unique view of the rim fire for you. take a look at this photo taken yesterday from the international space station. the fire has burned almost 161,000 acres. it's 20% contained. almost 4,000 firefighters have been sent out there to fight it. according to the last update this fire has burned 15,000 acres into yosemite national park. now, i want to show you video of half dome. this is one of yosemite's most famous landmarks. when the video pans to the left there, you can see where the fire line is. incredible. this is the southern edge of the fire. less than 20 miles from half dome. now, firefighters say there's no immediate danger to yosemite valley. a hotel and curry village. >> some firefighters have been staffed there to protect some rare trees. there are two
members to make the big threat. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. >>> good morning. thank you for waking up with us. we're looking at a pretty picture of the bay bridge this morning. this is from the rooftop here at ktvu news. just five days away from that bridge shut down. we will tell you how you can avoid the expected traffic troubles spots coming up in our next hour. it is friday, august 23rd i'm pam cook. >> it is friday. good morning, i'm dave clark let's check weather and traffic. steve, are you expecting any weather problems? >> no it's kind of quiet here. we have a pretty good fog bank out there. the low responsible for our way up in the pacific northwest and out of the picture. it got cloudy here. so temperatures stuck. 50s to 60s to start off with. we will start to see that fog burn back. and then mostly sunny. here is some fog near the coast but there will be some sun as well. 60 to 90. we are all 50s on the temps. santa rosa 56. san francisco 58. 61 san jose but not far away. so low clouds. kind of cool and breezy. upper 50s and 60s on the mild side. you get that
in berkeley alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. >> you can find more photos of the fire on our channel 2 website at just go to it. look for the slide show under the top stories on our home page. >>> in the past 30 minutes, 12th street near east santa clara street in san jose reopened after an early morning police activity. st after midnight, police got a call from a distraught man who said he had a weapon. they fnd him sitting in a car with a knife and they took him into custody. he's not under arrest but will be evaluated. >>> police in san francisco are looking for the suspect in an overnight stabbing that sent one person to the hospital. that happened on mission near ruth street in the mission terrace neighborhood at 1:30 this morning. the victim was taken to the hospital and is in serious condition. right now it's unclear what lead up to that stabbing. >>> time is 5:05. two young girls among four people shot in a daytime shooting in east oakland. it happened yesterday afternoon on 104th avenue. police say two little girls ages eight and 12 were wounded along with a man and woman. n
and whole milk. the bay area city considering it and the protest plan for today. all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> good morning. here's a live look last morning to drive across the old bay bridge. this is the incline and of course that will all change and that bridge will close tonight for the new bridge opening. so that is our big story this morning. thank you for watching i'm pam cook. >> and good morning, i'm dave clark. steve is off today. we have the great mark tamayo here. hi there mark. >> good morning, guys. it could be a nice day to head to the beach. at least right now dense fog. fog developing here and up in the north bay santa rosa and napa reporting visibilities under a mile. current numbers in the 50s to lower 60s. concord 60 and fairfield in the upper 50s. what is happening a layer of warm air up above our head. as a result it's a shallow marine layer compressing the fog especially locally dense coast side and right around the bay. that will be a factor in our forecast for this morning. by 3:00 at the coast patchy fog. 60-65 degrees. right around the bay
of the bay area. >> we have live team coverage tonight. ktvu's david stevenson is in san francisco, where water officials are tracking water levels and monitoring for contamination. but we begin with robert handa, with more on the effort to protect the hetch hetchy reservoir. >> reporter: we are way up high in the stanislaus national forest, where we can show you how the rim fire is spreading. as we reported during the 5:00 newscast, the fire has now headed into yosemite national park and toward hetch hetchy reservoir. crews have been setting so- called back fires, similar to this one today along highway 120, to try to get rid of fuel in the path of the rim fire. this afternoon, they used the fighting fire with fire strategy along evergreen road to help protect san francisco's main water supply, hetch hetchy reservoir, inside yosemite national park. >> the reservoir is key, you know, to the city of san francisco and the water quality that we send there. >> reporter: along with the back fires, bulldozers were brought in to carve out more protective space. officials say the fire has burned
. reporting live in oakland, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> more details on the children in today's shootings are expected to survive. other children in oakland have died this year to violence. on august 7th drew jackson was killed after someone shot through the walls of the house where he was sleeping. his father was also killed. on july 17th, 8-year-old alicia caradene was shot to death during a slumber party when someone outside sprayed the apartment with fire. two other young children were shot and killed in 2011. >>> now to contra costa county where a high profile restaurant was robbed at gunpoint. it happened late last night at walnut creek's popular plaza. >> nobody's lives are lost, thank god. but either way, people's lives are threatened and it's the scariest thing. >> we talked to one of the employees who witnessed that robbery firsthand and she describes a frightening ordeal as the robbers pointed guns at her and others demanding money. deborah villalon has footage you will only see on ktvu news. >> reporter: that server came up to us and said she wanted to talk to us
. reporting live tonight in san jose, maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> in san francisco, a board of supervisors president david chu wants to ban the sale of small plastic bottled water. he's introducing a ban that would ban bottled water 16- ounces or less in an effort to reduce waste. >>> now to our continuing coverage of the rim fire for yosemite, the fire has now crossed the western boundary of yosemite and is burning in a remote area of the national park. the back country is now off limits to hikers. at this hour the fire is about 20 miles from yosemite valley and a half hour from hechheche reservoir. >> reporter: the so called rim fire continued this destruction through the stanislaus forest and sweeping through the reservoir. >> it's scary. >> reporter: springer evacuated his home. deputies told him the fire was only a few miles away but he was still reluctant. >> i know a lot of people haven't left yet. >> reporter: so how fast did you pack up? >> all this was already packed. so it took me about 15 minutes to check everything and then we left. >> reporter: bulldozers bega
website just go to a look for the slide show under the top story tab on the home page. >>> new this morning police in san francisco are looking for the suspect in an overnight stabbing that sent one person to the hospital. it happened on mission near ruth street at 1:30 this morning. the victim was taken to the hospital and is in serious condition. right now it's unclear what led up to that stabbing. >>> two young girls are among the four people shot in a daytime shooting in east oakland. that happened on 104th avenue. the two little girls ages eight and 12 were wounded. no one was seriously hurt but the latest shoot involving children is fueling fears that no one is safe from gun violence in oakland. community leaders are hopeful the city will find a way to end this cycle of violence. >> there could have been lots of problems that seemed insurmountable. jim crow seemed insurmountable. and it wasn't. it took courage. its took people who were willing to put themselves in harms way in order to do the work that needs to be done. >> there is still no word on what led up to the gunf
, so it makes it easier for them to track. amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. >>> continuing coverage now of the massive rim fire, burning out of control in and around yosemite national park. tonight, firefighters are starting to make some progress. the u.s. forest service now puts containment at 20%. that's up from 15% earlier today. more than 160,000 acres, and 23 structures have burned so far. in all, 4500 structures are still said to be threatened. >> this is also now the 13th largest fire in california history. >>> one casualty of the rim fire is berkely's toulumne camp. now the family camp is changed forever. it's wooden structures that withstood the test of time have all burned to the ground. ken wayne, live in berkely, where a big crowd turned out tonight to share memories of the camp, and also its effect on their lives. >> reporter: frank, two hours after the event started, there's still a couple of dozen people lingering here in downtown berkely. we've seen candlelight vigils for people, but rarely, if ever, do you see such an emotional gathering for a place. >> lighting candles
traffic maps on ktvu that backup just stretches for miles. if you have a choice, try to avoid that area if you can. let's go ahead and keep taking a look at these live pictures. you spoke with someone on the television, one of our viewers. it is amazing to hear how calm she is, but she was right across the freeway from real trouble. >> reporter: i was just thinking as we watch this fire, and we have been talking about the winds and the, it is a big difference from what we saw 15 minutes ago. we are not getting reports directly in the newsroom, but to see visually the fire seems to really be taking a bit of a lay down, which is good news considering the winds we have been tracking and how it looked just 15 minutes ago. >> yeah based on the smoke it looks it has really been isolated to that area next to interstate 80 where a couple homes, perhaps as many as five structures are on fire. this is tape taken just a little bit ago. the house that you are seeing herings it has since continued to burn -- here, it has continued to bunch it almost appears as if the firefighters realized
, robert handa, ktvu channel 2news. >>> water concerns continue to increase the closer the enormous blaze gets to the reservoir. the fast-moving fire closed in on the reservoir in the last three days. take a look at how far the flames were on monday. then on wednesday, the fire gained ground, charging towards the reservoir. today, that fire is dangerously close to the freshwater supply. >>> the reservoir delivers approximately 260 million gallons of water every day to 2.4 million people in the bay area. it is the primary water source for san francisco county. it also provides water for parts of santa clara, alameda and san mateo counties. >> our coverage continues now with david stevenson, live in san francisco. he has more on what's being done right now to protect the vital water supply. david? >> reporter: we were first to report on how the city is spending $25,000 a day to make up for power loss due to the fire. today, we learned how city engineers are monitoring the system from fallout from the fire. san francisco counts on the water slope for clean water, safe to drink. but the rim f
on the 10:00 news. live in fairfield, ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news >>> paul chambers is live and in berkeley school and fall classes there starts tomorrow. >> reporter: we are told that all -- would have been in place by the end of the day of today's accident. they have been working on this since june. >> members of berkeley police department spent the day investigating of the deadly workplace accident near the school in berkeley of the tracks. >> what happened is the accident of a vehicular accident that resulted of a fatality of a construction worker. >> around 12:45 this afternoon crews were laying as sfalts when 25-year-old robert bell was killed. the man working at this area near the bottom with his back towards the truck. for some unknown reason the truck rolled down the hill and striking and killing this man. it is possible that some students may have seen what happened. >> i think some saw as well. they were in the garden, getting a tour of the garden. they moved them out quickly but they were some what exposed to it. >> reporter: the vice president robert called me a
national forest, ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news. >> people who have been vacationing in the yosemite area, from the bay area, have had to evacuate several camps. yesterday, 200 seniors and 30 staff members left a camp and are now back in the bay area. this city of berkeley's camp was evacuated last night. and 100 students from a private camp were vaulted from san jose's family camp on monday. coming up at 6, the fire and smoke is threatening key infrastructure that serves millions here in the bay area. the unseen impact, all that smoke and flames is having right now. >> and chief meteorologist, bill martin, he has been tracking the conditions near the fire. he joins us now with the latest. bill? >> and it's typical august conditions up in the fire area. here's a map of where the fire is, near sonora. we come in close. first thing i want to point out is the topography. look how vertical these cliffs are. a lot of terrain that firefighters are dealing with. not only that, but you've got winds blowing about 13 miles an hour, 4 miles an hour, kind of ranging in there, out of the southwest, we
night and day and hopefully continue to gain some ground. robert honda, ktvu news. >>> the forest service puts the cost of fighting the rim fire at $4.4 million and climbing. it's burned 2,200 acres, two homes have been destroyed. >> you heard how robert was talking about how the fire lays down at night. this is the this morning at 8:00 a.m. watch how the fire lays down. this is how it looks in the afternoon hour. the inversion lifts and the fire grew. it grew quite a bit today from yesterday, about three times its size. we were able to see it from the ghost satellite. the red flag warning has been dropped for the sierra nevada. that's good news but there are warm conditions in the forecast for the fire area again tomorrow. temperatures in the fire zone will be back in the upper 80s to low 90s. when i come back in 10 minutes we're going to be talking about the fog. we're going to be talking about the area forecast, we'll see you back here in about 10 minutes. >>> summer vacation plans are being disrupted by the rim fire. in the park officials have closed the campground that is clo
the suspect. ktvu live in san jose when she spoke to the victim. >> reporter: the video show shooter running away and medical aid arriving nearly ten minutes after the call for help. we freeze the video just before the shot were taken and then show you where the shooter carried what looks like an ax runs off. san jose's police blocked off several streets after the police discovered a wounded man bleeding in the parking lot and the man later died in the hospital. the woman you see here lit candles in his memory. >> he wanted to change but he did not have the right love around him to change. >> family members shared with us this photo of a father of 6 children, we spoke to a neighbor who says he's worry for his family. >> everyday something is going on down there, streets blocked off and taped off. you think downtown is safer because the police department is down here and the city hall is down here. >> it was not safe this afternoon, witnesses are too scared to go onto tell us and someone saw the ax as the weapon before he was shot and killed. >> others in the neighborhood are upset to see. >>
business. i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> we have a special section on our ktvu website to help you get around while the bay bridge is closed. you can find it under hot topics under >>> more coverage of that big firefight, the one that's happening all over california. right now, more than 8300 firefighters are battling almost 400 square miles of fires. six of the wildfires burned over the weekend. as of last night, firefighters contained, two of them. the rim fire, the big one burning near yosemite park. it's the largest. as of this morning, the rim fire has destroyed almost 144,000 acres. it's only 7% contained. almost 3500 firefighters are out there. 23 buildings have been lost. it's not clear how many are homes. coming up in the next half however, ktvu's alex savidge will tell us about a local camp that was burned up in that fire. >>> new this morning -- police in san francisco are looking for the suspect in an overnight stabbing that sent one person to the hospital. it happened on mission near ruth street in the mission terrace neighborhood at 1:30 this morning. no
to ktvu doing look under hot topics. >>> ktvu's tom vacar with more about the bay bridge. tom. >> reporter: craig, have a look. soon to go from high art of to a real highway. we asked bay area council. that is a consortium of the region's best employers, what those companies are telling their employees about how to avoid the closure. council says employers simply declined to answer. here is what some other larger employers had to say as well as as well as their crease. >> bank trading employee says employers are reasonable flexible about work hours. >> they would allow that, yes. they would. in order for us to be there, to be able and be there at work. >> no such luck for hotel food server. >> business still runs no matter what. the if the bus or bart is late, you still have to work. so i'm going to have to just come to work really, really, really early. >> telecom service technician will have to brave the roadways. >> i am guessing we will have to double the amount of time you would normally use and maybe add an extra half hour. really plan for long trips sitting in traffic. >> some 2,000
to shoot somebody. >> among those arrested, 24 are now charged with conspiracy. ktvu channel 2 news. >>> tonight, we're learning from an antioch plan who was paralyzed in a road rage crash two weeks ago. >> everybody out there, i just want to say thank you for your support. >> 47-year-old richard fletcher made this youtube video from his hospital bed at kaiser oakland. he was hit by an angry driver on eastbound 24. that was ten days ago. he suffered a broken spine. his daughter has not given up hope that he will walk again. >> you never know what could happen. we have a really strong family and dad and we're putting it in god's hands are hoping for a miracle. the driver has later shot but survived, and been charged of attempted murder. >>> a sheriff's k-9 moved in on a me steerous man last night -- mysterious man last night. deputies were able to pry the knife away from the man. the man and the dog are expected to cover. >>> a proposal to ban the sale of unhealthy drinks fizzled. one of the city venues if the proposal was adopted, but at a committee meeting reaction was mostly negat
in the death of his one-time girlfriend santa coke. during an interhave with ktvu news alana says even though they have not named me a suspect, they have treated me like one. we reached out to sandra coke's family about alana's comments. in a written statement they say why would we or anyone else believe what he has to say? >>> time is 5:05. new reports today that safety experts think that pilots are using automated flight controls so much they may be lured into a false sense of security props morn -- safety experts recommend that pilot training should focus more on monitoring very complex cockpit technology. the ntsb hasn't determined the cause of either the asiana or the ups crash. >>> emergency dispatchers in santa clara county threatening to go on strike to protest mandatory overtime. the dispatchers say they are forced to work hundreds of hours of overtime a month. now there are 61 kiss patchers to --61 dispatchers to cover 73 full-time jobs. they are trying to hire more dispatchers but qualified candidates are hard to find. in the meantime county officials say they will seek a court inj
. and as you mentioned mark it is a big day for a lot of bay area people especially bay area historians. ktvu christien kafton has the honor of being one of the reporters on this story. christian, you getting a little sent l mental about this bridge -- sentimental about this bridge? >> reporter: i kind of a. it's the bridge we traveled back and forth to go across from the east bay to san francisco. wouldn't it be great if that bridge isophenol parting gift was a great morning commute. let's take a look as you said earlier. looking smooth as traffic comes along the s-curve. we are just 14 hours out from the bay bridge shut down. transition commuters from the old s-curve from the old eastern span there to the new eastern span there on the left. earlier we drove the bridge from oakland into san francisco at 5:15. it was smooth sailing pap little misty at times. the bridge shuts down at 8:00 tonight until tuesday morning. so crews can begin demolition. paving and lane striping on that new bridge. some drivers say despite its problems and its history they are also feeling a little nostalgic about
of the commute, mornings on 2 starts now. >>> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >>> 7:00, you're looking live at the bay bridge, and next week at this time, this will be completely empty, no cars going across the bridge and we'll have more on the shut down in just a moment. good morning, welcome to mornings on 2. i'm tori campbell. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. we're going to steve first. >>> good morning, lots of low clouds in place. breaks here and there. most of the forecast area has low clouds or you can see it. we have get a couple holes in the fog bank. the low which gave us wild weather this week has accelerated up to oregon. a little system which will enhance the fog tomorrow and tonight. and 52 to 62, a lot of low clouds, some sun and mostly sunny, partly cloudy skies by noon, 5 to 78 and 60 to 90. mostly sunny. most will be in the 60s 70s and 80s. 56, 57, 58, a couple low 60s toward san jose, that's about it. san francisco's high temp has been quiet this week. 67 today just because. it will be close. >>> right ab
the fire's path tonight. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> more details now. the two hydroelectricken electric plants have been shut down as a precaution. they are between the hetch hetchy and the sight of the rim fire. normally, these two powerhouses run huge turbines that convert the water into electric power. >>> ground and air attacks are being launched to contain the rim fire. it has shut down highway 120, the main gateway into yosemite national park and it continues to spread through the stanislaus national forest, burning not far from the town of groveland and yosemite national forest. ken wayne joins us now live. he has been going all with fire crews every day. >> reporter: julie and frank, we were stranded here for several hours this afternoon, because the only road leading to this fire camp was blocked by flames. in fact, if you look behind me, you can see a lot of smoke over those trees. the fire is still burning just a few hundred yards from this command post. if there was any doubt about how unpredictable wildfire can be, that was era
be evidence. ktvu's noelle walker joins us live with more. >> reporter: heather, they found a shovel and pick axe. they turned out to be tools used by some young boys in order to groom bike trails here. the area they searched today was identified by the fbi as an area of interest, though they didn't find anything, it did lead them to another area they want to take a closer look at. on a sunny day made for hiking, meg thompson and her dog are logging miles, working. >> i send him into areas to check, especially steep areas we can't get to easily by ourselves. >> reporter: what they are looking for feels like a dark cloud on this sunny day. >> he's trained to find everything from teeth to newly dead bodies. >> reporter: kado is a cadaver dog, one of six used today, along with 45 search and rescue volunteers from alameda and santa clara county, to comb the hills around merritt college for daphne webb, the oakland toddler whose father reported her missing on july 10th. >> i'm confident we will find out what happened to this baby. >> reporter: police have identified an area of interest west of mer
, ktvu 2 channel 2 news. >>> investigators on the scene in a house wildfire in east oakland. it started after 3:00 this morning on 50th avenue near international boulevard. no one was hurt but the flames caused major damage. they saw a lot of quarters go in and out of that house. they're not surprised. we'll have more coming up at 6:30. >> time now 6:06, more cover of the "rim" fire which keeps growing at 234 square miles. this is the 13th largest fire in history. they're making good progress. it's about 20% contained. they're not out of danger yet. at the news conference firefighters said the majority of the resources they're based at tuolumne city and 120. they reported almost 161,000 acres have burned. that's 3 square miles, that's larger than the city of san francisco. containment 20%. 4500 buildings are threatened. 23 have been destroyed. it's not clear how many of those are homes. as of the last update the fire had burned 15,000 into yosemite -- yosemite national park. the flames are moving towards rock and granite and it will probably burn itself out. some resources are in place
have news of yet another cracked bolt and how worried you should, or shouldn't be about that. >> has created a survival guide to help you get around the bay area bridge closure this weekend. look for information about public transit, and detour routes. >> if you're planning on hitting the road over the labor day weekend, you're sure to have lots of company. a live look at interstate 80 in emeryville. 3.9million californians are prepare today take a road trip for the holiday. that's a 6% jump over the last year. labor day air traffic is also expected to go up about 4% in california. nationally up about 4% over last year. >>> now to the massive out of control wildfire near yosemite. governor jerry brown is thanking the thousands of firefighters battling the wildfire, which is one of the largest in california history. >> we've got a good team here. they're doing everything they can to fight the fire and fight it safely. >> tonight, we're following fire crews, as they are making some progress in that fire fire fight. >> we'll give you a live look at the wildfire from a helicopter
are at 5:30 in the morning. >>> good morning. welcome to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. 6:00. we're looking live at the san mateo bridge this morning. a little fog out there. it seems a little more crowded than usual. i do not normally take that bridge, though, but we understand there is a new accident there. so that is not good news. we'll get you all the traffic news in a moment. it is thursday, august 29. i'm pam cook. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. mark is in for steve. can you find some sun for us later today? >> i'm trying to. i think we will but right now we're starting out with a solid deck of overcast that will be part of your commute this morning. in the north bay you can see toward santa rose sarks that vat dough -- rosa, novato. san francisco covered with the clouds toward san mateo, hayward and san jose and mountain view at last check. current temperatures are ranging from the upper 50s. half moon bay 57 degrees. lots of 60s for san francisco, oakland san jose currently checking in 65 degrees. forecast for this morning, you guessed
not answered. mornings on 2 begins right now. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. you are looking live at a home in hayward where firefighters discovered a pot grow inside a home. we will have more on this situation in just a few moments. good morning. welcome to mornings on 2. i'm tori campbell. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's check your weather, traffic. steve, how are we looking? >> we are looking good. low clouds. gave us crazy weather this week. accelerating northward. back to school forecast, take a look at san rafael. 58. 68 mostly sunny by noon. and a high of 77. temperatures in the north bay a lot of 70s. san francisco, really didn't change anything. yesterday 66, went 66 again today. just too much cloud cover. low cloud deck and no sign of anything as far as any warmup goes. 50s on the temps, low 60s. really haven't moved all morning long. the breeze has picked up. all the thunderstorm activity is north and east of the low. but it's moving fast. and it's moving out of the area. so lake county, maybe cloud cover but o
, patty lee, ktvu news. >>> he wants to demonstrate now the national security industry has changed how it gathers internet communications. the documents are secret u.s. court opinions from 2011 and show the ns ahead inadvertently scooped up as 56,000 e-mails in three years, e-mails that had no connection to terrorism. the director says the nsa revealed the error to the court. >>> and as a suspected car burglar is recovered tonight after being shot. the guard said he stopped on coleman road and saw someone breaking into his father's car. he tried to stop them, but he thought the suspect was drawing a weapon. the guard pulled his man and shot him. they are still trying to determine if the guard will face charges. >>> and a trial is underway today for a pit bull who malled a boy. he was arrested in 2010 charged with involuntary manslaughter. he made no effort to child proof the garage. today witnesses went over photos. he faces up to ten years in prison. >>> women students from uc berkeley convinced the late lenl slature to audit how -- legislature to audit our they handle sexual offenses
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